If you want to see what this looks like - My gitHub Profile You can also check out the repository here - Aveek-Saha


GitHub has recently added the ability to create a README for your profile that acts as an About Me section or an Introduction to your profile.

This can be helpful because the GitHub bios have a character limit and you might not be able to fit everything you want in there. So your profile readme is a good way to show visitors to your profile everything you need to introduce yourself.


To get this About me section, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new repository
  2. Set the repository name to your github username
  3. Make sure the repository is public
  4. Select the option to initialize the repository with a README
  5. Create Repository


Now if you check your Github profile, you should see something like this above your pinned repos.


You can look around and find some really interesting things to do with your bio, your imagination is your only limitation.